Students in the development division of Team 1515 learn and teach others how to program in Java, Python, HTML, and React. They also learn how to program the FRC robot collaborately with tools such as Git.

photo of Ariella Simoni
Ariella SimoniCo-President

Since freshman year, I've been writing robot code and working on the front-end and back-end for our various MorApplications. I am now a senior and I love programming, as well as teaching it to newcomers.

photo of Tiffany Chieu
Tiffany ChieuCo-President

Hello there! I've been on this robotics team for the past three years, and despite all the (occasional) bickering, duct tape, and zipties, it's given me both a community of people who share my interests and humor, and a technical background in computer science. Currently, I'm particularly interested in machine learning and AI, and in the past, I've done a lot of work with OpenCV and vision tracking. I love exploring new things, xkcd, cats, Linux, clean code, two-factor authentication, and Studio Ghibli. But most of all, I love raspberry pies.