The Industrious

The Industrious is a company that helps integrate technology into the average shopping experience. The company creates a convenient and modern way for people to shop.

Intuitive Foundation

The Intuitive Foundation focuses on increasing access to education in STEM fields and furthering research, primarily focused on medicine.

Gene Haas Foundation

The Gene Haas Foundation offers grants to support manufacturing education and charitable organizations in local communities.

Career Creators

Career creators exposes high school students to activities and opportunities in order to better prepare students for life after initial education. They provide crucial opportunities in the student-run television station, KBEV6, and jobs and internships for our culinary and media classes.


Enterprise is a car rental company that can be accessed online at an affordable price. They buy cars from dealerships and allow people to rent their cars, in many locations all across the world.

Beverly Hills Education Foundation

BHEF helps fund and promote student programs in the Beverly Hills school district.


Your contribution will help students be a part of a successful team, ensure the wellbeing of our robotics team for years to come, and spread STEM in our community. Not only will your contributions help our team, but they may have mutual benefits for you as well. You can help promote your business using our platform and putting your logo on our team apparel or robot. Donations will help children accomplish their dreams and reach their full potential in the field of robotics, help your company accomplish a sales goal, create strong business relationships, and build a positive image for your business. Overall, it is a cumulative benefit for both parties in the donation process, and you should receive returns on your business investments and your company will be marketed on both our social media platforms and you can do it on yours as well.